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When I was a manager of a restaurant, I remember saying to a new employee "if you need anything, just ask!" She replied "how am I supposed to ask you something, when I don't know what to ask" - these eTraining modules answer this question!


In The Media: An article on training in the October 2010 issue of the Canadian Foodservice & Hospitality Magazine. Click here to read the article.

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Welcome to eTraining

Providing hospitality operators with the most effective staff restaurant training solution, combining the power of the web with on-the-job training.

These training modules will provide the key knowledge Front of House (FOH) employees of any foodservice restaurant will need to know. Learners will understand the industry, the service cycle of a restaurant, the main roles of FOH employees and most importantly understand the guest and their expectations.

They can be purchased as Individual Modules or as a Certificate Course Program based on a Role in a Restaurant.

When I was a manager of a restaurant, I remember saying to a new employee "if you need anything, just ask!" She replied "how am I supposed to ask you something, when I don't know what to ask". As profound as the response was, it stuck with me and became the catalyst to build this revolutionary restaurant training environment. The result is the knowledge outlined within these courses, so new employees do know what to ask, when to ask it and from who. This benefits everyone; new employees working in their first job, the management team and even the guests at your establishment.

This training becomes the foundation of newly hired staff's knowledge. An operation can focus their restaurant training efforts on operational policies and procedures and product knowledge which is unique to every establishment. Because the staff already has an understanding of the industry, the guest and the service cycle, they will be self motivated in training themselves to be a successful team member in days instead of months.

eTraining Staff is the business site linked to the consumer site with the same courses offered at There are 6 Courses starting with the Base Hospitality Course and progresses through to the Bartender course, building on the users knowledge.

What eTraining Can Do

eTraining can provide a thorough, current and in-depth array of information that is interactive and visually enhanced for the new employee. It is designed for the staff to learn the job functions and the job knowledge quickly and to retain this knowledge. A passed test with a minimum score of 80% results in a printed 'Certificate of Achievement' which let's management know the new staff member has actually learned the necessary material. Management will be confident that the staff have all the necessary information available, narrowing the gap between management's expectations of the new employee and what that employee actually knows.

The new employee will now be more proactive in their on-the-job training, as the eTraining solution will provide them with the necessary information needed for each upcoming training shift. An organized training schedule can be created based on the staff members experience and managements needs, by assigning selected modules to be completed for each training shift. The newly learned knowledge will be applied to on-the-job training, allowing new employees to be fully trained in no time.

Benefits of eTraining

  • New staff are motivated to learn. They need and want to learn to gain personal confidence and the respect of management and their peers.
  • They will know what questions to ask to accelerate their learning while on the job.
  • They will understand the skills and service tricks of senior staff and be able to apply it from day one.

These courses are very affordable and can be purchased in quantity or individually and by role. The return on investment (ROI) will be noticed in their first shift at how adaptive they are in learning the new environment and the confidence and motivation they display in their learning while on shift. This will build with each shift.

The result will be a high powered staff with service levels exceeding your expectations and the expectations of your guests.

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